"Trio is different because…" — Renée Wills, President

picture this:

You're seeing deep insights leveraged in fresh new ways. Surprising new brand strategies fueling major market share gains. And personal, persuasive work that's truly connecting with your customers.

Keep smiling. It's all part of what we do and what you get. At trio.

/who we are/

meet our senior leadership team (select below)

  • renée


  • scott


  • karan


  • dominic


  • brian


  • suzanne


  • donna


  • renée wills: healthy, graceful, endearing, determined, delightful

    She’s been earning her stripes for 20 years. Client. Agency. Launches to legacy brands, Renée is the definition of graceful leadership. Ask any one of her legions of fans.

    "Trio is different because…" — Renée Wills, President

  • scott thompson: quick, thorough, talented, outgoing, hilarious

    A consummate creative, Scott has been crafting visual vocabularies for health care brands for more than 20 years. He’s pretty crafty with written vocabularies, too.

  • karan bredenbeck: good-humored, approachable, perspicacious, genuine, growing

    The creative mind is wired differently. And with over 30 years in the business, Karan has learned a thing or two about the kind of creative leadership it takes to ensure that the ideas flow…and the people behind the ideas flourish.

  • dominic viola: mischievous, gifted, eloquent, charming, strategic

    It takes some doing to be sharp and connected, but Dom’s been making it look easy for nearly 15 years. His skillful leadership brings out the best in the teams he works with.

  • brian raineri: polished, educated, witty, exacting, friendly

    Can a medical professional be strategic and creative? Yes, and yes: Along with his quick wit, Brian brings a doctorate in pharmacy to the benefit of all his account teams.

  • suzanne goss: knowledgeable, insightful, diplomatic, kind

    Suzanne is renowned throughout the pharmaceutical universe for her Yoda-like ability to provide strategic wisdom, guidance, and vision. She understands brands, disease states, and target audiences, and how to dig for powerful insights that will lead to valuable, long-lasting connections between them.

  • donna rooney: straightforward, fun, dedicated, spontaneous, smart

    Donna is a no-nonsense leader with an ever-present laugh. And talk about loyal: she's been a guiding light in our family of companies since before we had a family of companies.


our shared core values

We reach for excellence in everything we do. We act with integrity. We treat clients properly. We recognize that creativity and innovation are why we are here. We honor and embrace our differences. We value a legitimate work-life balance. We have fun.

/what we do/

build brand intimacy

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make intimate connections

Through branding. Medical education. Promotion. Digital engagement and brand planning. Call it our brand of full service: potent, personal, and persuasive.

/how we think/

it’s why we’re called trio.

We differentiate brands using a trio of marketing disciplines:

  • Profound insight: Asking. Learning. Understanding.
  • Market-moving strategy: Planning. Capitalizing. Leveraging.
  • Resonant expression: Connecting. Persuading. Convincing.

“wow, this brand gets me.”

The result: work that shows customers your brand knows them. Making them more willing to trust your brand’s message. More inclined to believe your brand’s promise. And more committed to prescribe or recommend your brand’s name.